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The gallery is divided into two basic sections, historical and modern.

Gallery Composition

These are invariably photographs provided by the Association’s members of events or places visited that are connected with The Leinster Regiment or of a commemorative event associated with The Leinster Regiment.

Modern photographs

Every photograph when it was taken has copyright. Copyright in photographs lasts for 70 years after the creation of the ‘work’, or 70 years after the work was first published if within 70 years of creation. When the name of the photographer is known this rule changes.

If the ‘work’ was created before 1957 copyright expires 70 years after the death of its creator. If the work was created after 1957 then the duration of copyright is far more complex. For simplicity, the copyright of modern photographs published on this website will not expire until 70 hears after the death of the photographer.

Modern photographs published on this website are published with the permission of the copyright holder.

If you wish to use one of these photographs please read our conditions - thank you!


1st Battalion

1st Battalion

Historical Photos

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Historical Photographs

Historical photographs are taken from the Association’s collection of photographs and illustrations provided to the Association by its members or from the general public.This is the section that includes photographs of members of the regiment.

The photographs are published as libraries, e.g. 1st Battalion and then into categories, e.g. Company Photographs. Please note that except were identified the Association is not able to identify individuals within photographs. If you can provide additional information about a photograph, you are invited to contact us and we will add your information to a library where appropriate.

Breach of copyright is an offence under the 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act