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After the creation of the then "Irish Free State" (Now the Republic of Ireland) and following the disbandment of the Leinster Regiment in 1922, the original Association formed by the officers and men of the Regiment continued strongly for over seventy years.  Inevitably time brought its impact and the Association's numbers dwindled as the last soldiers who served with the regiment passed away. The original Association was wound up and its funds distributed to charity. Consequently the Leinster Regiment became one of only two Irish infantry regiments that were disbanded in 1922 not to maintain a Regimental Association; (the other was the Royal Irish Regiment). However the soul of a regiment is not permitted to die because if it did the honour due to the soldiers who served, and their descendents, would no longer be recognised.

Therefore after a few interval years, the Association was re-formed on 15 February 2003 with an Inaugural meeting held on 12 April 2003 in London. Membership was initially derived from ex-servicemen of the British and Irish armies as well as a few who had relatives serve with the regiment. Membership continues to grow with more members having family links with the Leinster Regiment, and as the Association continues its work we also encourage any person who has the interests of our Association at heart to join us. The Association is the sum of its members and together we will maintain the spiritus intus of The Prince Of Wales's Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadians).

Association members attending the Annual General Meeting in London elect a representative Committee charged with administering the affairs of the Association.

All members of the Association are permitted to wear the Regimental badge, whether as a blazer badge or Brooch; male members also wear the Association tie that is based upon the former colours of the Regiment. The Association produces a Journal, The 40-10, that is provided to all members as part of their subscription to the Association. Membership of the Association is for a calendar year, an annual subscription is charged to cover administration costs only.

Commemoration visits are also organised by the Association, details being published on the web site and in the Associations Journal The 40-10

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All members of the Association are permitted to wear the Regimental badge



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