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The image shown left are cap badges in the collection of Mr D Ball, Honorary Secretary, many varieties of The Leinster Regiment Cap Badge were produced.

With the assistance of very knowledgeable members of The Leinster Regiment Association this brief guide has been created.

Top row from the left.

The straight scroll cap badge.There are two types of these, the Victorian/Edwardian badges have two small lug fixings. Badge two is a variant supplied as a pagri (turban) badge, which had an extra long slider. Badges three and four are the common cap badge, known as the slider type, which were used up until 1922.

Row 2 from the left.

The curvy scroll badge is what collectors call the WWI variant, which were made from dies for badges of other regiments, the Welsh etc.  Received wisdom indicates that these badges were made as an economy measure. The curvy scroll design was also made and sold by craftsman in the famous Indian Bazaars. Badge 2 is a variant with silver coronet, and badge 3 on this row is the Indian bazaar variant with lugs

Row 3

Two examples of  the 1916 all brass cap badge, this badge was made with straight scrolls and had a slide fixing, whilst of the correct pattern, received wisdom indicates that these badges were made as an economy measure.


Row 4

Examples of reproduction cap badges

Image copyright Mr D Ball used with permission

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